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Survey: Trump & Clinton supporters watch the Oscars very differently

ABC/Jeff Lipsky(LOS ANGELES) -- During his daily press briefing Monday, President Trump's spokesperson Sean Spicer was asked if POTUS would be watching Sunday night's Oscars, and what we could expect from his Twitter feed if any "Meryl Streep moments" took place during the telecast. 

The reference, obviously, was to the multiple Oscar winner's screed against the president during her Golden Globes acceptance speech -- one which is expected to be emulated by many stars, who have made no secret of their opposition to President Trump's policies. 

As such, it's promising to be a very political Oscars, and in a new survey -- "Trump vs. Clinton and the Politics of Oscar Viewers" -- The National Research Group discovered what viewers think about that comes down to what side of the political aisle you're standing on.

The organization polled 800 average moviegoing Americans, half whom were Hillary Clinton voters, and the other half of whom pulled the lever for Donald Trump. 

Some key findings, published in The Hollywood Reporter, include: 

  • 66% of Trump voters turn off awards shows when speeches get political, compared to just 16% of Hillary supporters.
  • In general, 68% of Trump voters say they “dislike” political speeches at the Oscars while only 23% of Clinton voters feel the same.
  • 44% of Trump viewers declared award show speeches to be "too political" in the current climate, while 35% in the opposite camp thought those same speeches were "touching." 
  • 43% of Hillary supporters want Trump's demeanor to be addressed, while 61% of the self-described Trump voters don't want any hot button topics, including education policies, gun rights, or Black Lives Matter to be addressed while stars collect their mantle bling.

The survey wasn't totally political. It also revealed that 2/3 of Americans polled don't know Jimmy Kimmel is hosting, and that some 60 percent of Americans can't name one Best Picture nominee.

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Coldplay teams up with The Chainsmokers on new track, “Something Just Like This”

Columbia Records

Last year, footage leaked online of hitmaking DJ duo The Chainsmokers working with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Now, that collaboration has materialized in the form of a song called "Something Just Like This," which you can download on iTunes. You can also check out the track's starry lyric video via YouTube.

While Coldplay has experimented with electronic music before, "Something Just Like This" is very much an EDM song, though it features some piano that gives it a more Coldplay feel.

"Something Just Like This" appears on The Chainsmokers' forthcoming debut full-length album Memories...Do Not Open, which will be released April 7.

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Bindi Irwin posts tribute to late “Crocodile Hunter” father Steve on his birthday

FilmMagic/Gabriel Olsen(LOS ANGELES) -- Steve the "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin would have been 55 today. The late TV show personality and wildlife champion died in 2006 when he was stabbed in the chest by a stingray, in a freak underwater accident while Irwin was shooting a documentary.

He was 44 at the time and his daughter Bindi was just 8.

The now 18-year-old took to Instagram to post a tribute to her beloved dad, writing, "Always in our hearts." The caption is coupled with a photo of her smiling father spending time with a crested bird.

Bindi has followed in her father's footsteps, working at the Australia Zoo in her home country. She also won Dancing With the Stars in season 21, paying tribute to her father on numerous times during the show.

Last year, she also posted another tribute to her dad on the 10th anniversary of his passing.

"You'll be my hero for my entire existence. I love you more than words can describe," she wrote.

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Which Oscar nominee was starstruck by Justin Timberlake?

Dan MacMedan/WireImageNaomie Harris is nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as an emotionally abusive mother in the acclaimed film Moonlight.  But the British actress said one person who really left her starstruck at this year's annual Oscars luncheon wasn't a fellow actor -- it was one of her childhood pop idols.

"I was actually really excited that Justin Timberlake came up and he was like, 'I really loved Moonlight, and I really loved you in Moonlight,'" Harris told ABC News. "And I was like, 'Ohmigosh, I used to listen to you when I was a child and you're here!' It was weird!"

Harris, who also appeared in two of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as in the James Bond movies Skyfall and Spectre, is up against some stiff competition in her category, including Viola Davis, the favorite to win for Fences.  Justin also is no shoo-in: he's up for Best Original Song for "Can't Stop the Feeling!" but his competition includes two songs from La La Land, the movie that's predicted to sweep this year's Oscars.

The Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, air Sunday night on ABC.

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Tom Hiddleston reveals Loki’s reaction to Dr. Strange in “Thor: Ragnarok”

Marvel Studios - 2017

(LOS ANGELES) -- Tom Hiddleston, about to be seen next month in Kong: Skull Island, will also be in theaters later in the year as Loki, opposite Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok.  Also in the cast: Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.  So what does the trickster god think of the Sorcerer Supreme?

"I think he probably dismisses Strange," Hiddleston tells IGN about Loki. "Yes, his sorcery is very impressive, but Loki has been doing that for centuries, so who cares?"

However, Hela, the powerful character played by Cate Blanchett in the movie, "is a different beast," Hiddleston says. She's "full of surprises, and actually might have been someone with whom at one time he could have gotten along, but the circumstances have changed."

In fact, it's Hela that brings Loki and his adoptive brother Thor back together, after Loki betrayed him at the close of Thor: The Dark World.

"[She] brings destruction in her wake ... on a scale of terror that they haven't ever, ever seen before," says Hiddleston. "So they fall back on their brotherhood, fractured though it is, to see what they can do to stop her."

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is imprisoned on a faraway planet, desperate to stop Hela from wreaking havoc on his world. But The God of Thunder, stripped of his powerful hammer, must first survive a gladiatorial battle with someone close to him: The Hulk.

Thor: Ragnarok opens November 3, 2017.  It's from Marvel Studios which, like ABC News, is owned by Disney.

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Jimmy Kimmel wishes he had a time machine to ruin past Oscar shows

ABC/Jeff Lipsky(LOS ANGELES) -- In an interview that aired today on Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel said he wishes he could ensure good reviews as an Oscar host by going back in time and ruining all the previous ones.

Kimmel, who has hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live for 14 years, is a veteran awards show host. He has hosted the American Music Awards five times, the Emmy Awards twice, and the ESPYs once.  But as he prepares to host the 89th Academy Awards on ABC this Sunday, he told ABC News' T.J. Holmes that this gig's a little different.

"It's funny because you'd think it would be basically the same. You walk on stage. You tell some jokes....But people keep reminding you that it's the Oscars, and that there are three times as many people watching, and eventually it kinda becomes this cloud that surrounds you,"  he explained.

Kimmel admitted that he is even studying past Oscar hosts for tips, but is getting a little intimidated.

"I know it sounds like I'm being nice but I thought everyone did at least a good job, and some of them did great jobs hosting the Oscars," Kimmel said. "And that actually makes it worse for me, because what I would've loved is if the last 14 Oscar hosts had bombed miserably."

"That's my dream, get in a time machine and go back and ruin the Oscars for all those hosts,"he joked.

Jimmy also said that he's looking forward to seeing his nemesis, who has been nominated as a producer of Manchester by the Sea, at the show on Sunday.

"Unfortunately, we will see Matt Damon," Kimmel said. "He's my arch enemy, really. I mean, if the Joker and the Batman were face to face, there would be some kind of a standoff and I would imagine that that will be the same for this." 

"I don't want the film to lose," Kimmel clarified. "I want him to lose."

"After the Oscars, I'm going to go home and I'm going watch the broadcast," Kimmel joked, describing his post-Oscar plans. "And I'm going see who was clapping and who was laughing. And more importantly, who was not. And I vow to destroy those people, for the rest of my days...I will not relent until they are out of show business."

The 89th Academy Awards will air on Sunday on ABC.

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Katy Perry blasts back into the top 10; Bruno Mars also scores Grammy gains

Rony AlwinWhen a super-popular artist who's been quiet for a while debuts a new single at the Grammys, what do you get?  A super-impressive chart debut.

Katy Perry's new single "Chained to the Rhythm" has entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #4, the highest debut by a lead female artist since Adele bowed at #1 in November of 2015 with "Hello."  This is Katy's 14th top-10 hit, and her third-highest debut, following "Part of Me" and "California Gurls," which entered the chart at #1 and #2 respectively.

Katy's song, whose video premiered yesterday, is the first single from her upcoming album, due later this year.

Elsewhere on the chart, Bruno Mars also cashed in from his Grammy performance of "That's What I Like."  The song jumps from #37 to #7 on the Hot 100.  It's Bruno's 14th top-10 hit, and his first #1 on the Hot R&B Songs chart.  

Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" tops the Billboard Hot 100, while Taylor Swift and Zayn's duet "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" rises to #2, making it the highest-charting song from either of the 50 Shades movie soundtracks.

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Ladies kick butt: Female film protagonists hit an all-time high in 2016

Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"; Lucasfilm, 2016(LOS ANGELES) -- Amid complaints from actresses like Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence over pay inequality between them and their male co-stars, there's now a bright spot for women in Hollywood -- we're seeing more women as protagonists in big-screen productions.

Recent hit films films like ArrivalRogue One: A Star Wars StoryMoanaHidden FiguresBad Moms, and The Girl on the Train are proving that female characters can also equal big box office bucks.

Variety cites a new study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University that finds women accounted for 29 percent of protagonists in the 100 highest-grossing films of 2016 -- a seven-percent rise from 2015 and what Variety calls a "recent historical high."

Females also hit historical highs in ensemble casts, making up 37 percent of major characters in the most popular films -- a three-percentage point jump from the previous year, according to the study. Female protagonists were most likely to appear in comedies, dramas, horror films, animated features and science fiction films. They were least likely to show up in action films.

Even so, the percentage of female characters in speaking roles remained virtually the same, and males still dominate the big screen by a two-to-one margin. The trend also didn't help female filmmakers, who comprised just seven percent of all directors working on the 250 highest-grossing domestic releases in 2016.  That's actually down slightly from the levels achieved in 2015 and in 1998.

Likewise, the numbers didn't translate into more racial diversity, with roles for black and Asian female characters up just slightly, and Latina character dipping in 2016.

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‘Moonlight’s’ Naomi Harris reveals her Oscar date will be her mother

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- Moonlight goes into Sunday's Oscars tied for the second-highest number of nominations, with eight -- including one for Naomie Harris. The British actress is up for best supporting actress for her portrayal of the main character Chiron's mother, but she'll be walking the red carpet with her own mom. 

"She has always been my champion," Harris tells ABC News. "She has always believed in me more than I've ever believed in myself. She's always said that I could do, have, and be anything that I want to be. And that is an incredibly powerful message to give a child."

Harris will have some stiff competition in her category, including Viola Davis, the favorite to win for Fences.  Though it may be cliché, Harris says she feels like she's already won.

"Just to be included, you know to be included amongst these extraordinary talented individuals, and so many of them that I've admired for decades and looked up and seen their work and there I am standing alongside them," she says. 

The Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, air Sunday night on ABC.

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Paris Jackson talks about her late father, Michael Jackson, and music as a hobby in latest issue of “CR Fashion Book”

Johnny Nunez/WireImageGracing the cover of CR Fashion Book's latest issue is Michael Jackson's 18-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson, and inside she talks to Empire creator Lee Daniels about a number of topics, including a quality of her late dad's that she would take if she could.  

"Definitely his strength. He was the strongest person I know and tried to do everything with as much love and kindness as possible," she says.  

Paris also spills details about her songwriting and being in a band with her boyfriend -- making music that's a mix of, as she explains, The Lumineers and legendary country musician Johnny Cash.  

However, she has no desire to follow in her father's professional footsteps, viewing music as more of a hobby rather than a career.

"I'm in a band. We're doing it for fun. My boyfriend's the drummer and we have two others, a bassist and a backup vocalist," she tells Lee. 

"I write music for myself," Paris adds. "I use it as a way to get stuff out. It's not something I see myself following career-wise. There are so many amazing artists in my family. If I were to do it as a career, it would change how I feel about music and I don't want that to happen."   

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